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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kursus Kenali Kerjaya.

21-22/12/2011 ary tu, haha, boleh plak pegy kursus ney, bukan ape, ade senior mintak pnohkan tmpt, so, pegy jela kan, cm biase nk kumpul merit, hehe, :D boleh thn la kursus ney, kursus ney utk sesape yg masih konfius nak jd ape for the future kan, tp nanie still rse cm xsesuai je kerjaya nanie tu, haha, skrg just follow the flow je, and prepared for that. Huhu ;)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Presentation BEL 312

huhh ! first of all nak ckp yg serious nerveous giler nak mati laa kan, tak tau knpe i'm soo nerveous, maybe bcos of presenter pd hari yg terakhir kan, so lecturer expect more than others yg present before. i'm present about Media Prima Berhad, i'm sure uolls know that company, it's the big company in Malaysia tau, sbnrnye byk bnde yg saye blh ckp on that day tp xtau knpe, disebabkan nerveous yg melampau tu kan, time slide terakhir pown saya xterangkan, haish, i'm not giving up, just feel a little bit dissatisfied with my presentation, hopefully after this i can do another assessment with the right way and in a good way and ofcoz in excellent way ! wish me luck ok ! ohh, i forgot one more thing, my presentation is only about 4 minute, can u just imagine what the hell i'm bubbling on that day ?? herkk, :( *so sad..

here are some of my classmate presentation :

*this is me actually :) hehe

Girls Day Out !

This time ade jgk masa utk keluar dgn uolls ! huhu, walaupun kejap je kan but have fun sgt ! and kali nie dpt jgk karoke giler giler punya lah kan ?? hehe :D thanx again ! :)

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Yeah, i have friends and i love them so much ! When i need someone, they will be here beside me, thank you so much you all, bcoz being nice to me in this 2011. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Festival Kanak-kanak Antarabangsa 2011

hey guys, sangat lama tak update belog ney, sorry, i'm quiet busy this weeks, sgt2 busy, mengalahkan perdana menteri plak kan, haha, so as u can see the above picture, tulah salah satu yg menyumbang ke arah kesibukan saya, pergi ke istana budaya, biasalah, pegi semata-mata nk merit and jam kredit uitm, haha, walaupun niat tu just nak tmbh merit je tp have fun jgk la kt sana, it was the very first time saya pegy istana budaya, haha, harap je dok KL kan, hehe, hmm, kat sana just tgk teater kanak2 men music, they are dancing, and also singing, not only from Malaysia ok, from Korea, Japan, Qatar, Singapore, China, and many more. walaupun ade yg bosan sikit tp yg penting pengalaman tu, kan ?? Daa :) 

Monday, December 5, 2011

luahan hati :3

please, don't let me hurt again, thank you =__=